What We Care About

Investment Interest Areas

Below are brief descriptions of the Brico Fund’s focus areas. Use the menu on the right to get more detailed information on each program area.


The importance of protecting the environment, with a focus on water quality and conservation, is a cornerstone of Brico Fund’s grant making. Our environment funding focuses on conservation of the natural environment of Wisconsin, and the safety and welfare for all citizens.


The Brico Fund embraces a strategy that takes a long-term approach to develop and align progressive capacity to achieve collective impact in Wisconsin.  This impact focuses on a Wisconsin where everyone has a fair shake, everyone does their fair share, everyone plays by the same rules and has the opportunity to fully realize the American dream.


Brico Fund is interested in initiatives rooted in artistic excellence that nurture a sustainable environment for artists and arts organizations, inspire diverse community engagement, and promote the significance of the arts in the creation of a vibrant society. Brico favors arts programs that encourage awareness of and engender dialogue about matters of relevance to communities within the local environment.

Of particular interest to Brico are programs in which the arts intersect with the Fund’s other priorities (democracy and the environment) in fresh and collaborative ways that broaden access and deepen impact.

Through its arts investments, Brico affirms the power of the arts to:

  • Creatively rejuvenate the human and physical infrastructures of communities.
  • Transform and animate public spaces.
  • Protect natural resources.
  • Create places for reflection.